What is Gold-Plated Jewelry?

Is it fake jewelry?

Will it turn my neck, wrist, or ankle green?

How long will it last?

These are all common questions you should ask before purchasing any type of jewelry that costs more than $5 lol. I have personally spent so much money on cute pieces from places like Fashion Nova, Forever21, H&M, and similar stores. They look cute for a couple of wears, and then before you know it they've changed colors, broken, or even give me a rash... Since the jewels we provide are more expensive, I think it's only fair that we give you the inside scoop on what you're actually purchasing! Keeping it real is a major part of being #Solid and that's our goal.

Is Gold Plated jewelry fake?

No... Gold plated jewelry has a thin layer of real gold over a base metal. All of our products have a stainless steel base. Stainless steel is proven to be durable, water-resistant, has a natural shine, and cleans easily. The jewelry found in the stores mentioned above usually have brass, copper, or nickel bases, which cause it to irritate the skin and tarnish after being in water... Bottom line, it's useless lol! The picture below is an example of gold plated "brass" jewelry. It's beautiful, but it will NOT last.

Will it turn my wrist, neck, or ankle green?

Nope... Stainless steel is durable and resists corrosion and oxidation. Our jewelry will not rust, tarnish, or turn your skin green, even if worn daily. It’s either a chemical reaction between the acids in your skin and the type of metal of the jewelry, or it’s a reaction between another substance on your skin, such as hand cream, with the metal. We avoid this by only providing jewels that have a stainless steel base... We got you!

How long will it last?

Your Solid Jewels can be expected to last up to 2 years with proper care. You can extend this by limiting its exposure to water, chlorine, and lotions. Although your jewels are tough enough to handle it all, they'll last longer if you keep it to a minimum. If that's too much work, live your best care free jewelry life and purchase new pieces in a couple years if it looses its luster.

If you still have questions leave them below and I'll do my best to answer.

I look forward shipping out your order soon ;)

Whittney K.


Solid Jewels Co.


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    Love the jewelry

  • Keshia Morant on

    Love the jewelry

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